frequently asked questions (FAQ)

between as a success partner

what are our services?
Where is Between Company located?
What are your office hours?
How can I start working with Between?
How long after completing all the requirements will Between start to manage my storage and orders?
Does Between charge for the VAT on my monthly receipt?

Storing products

Does Between take care of expired items in my stock?
What are the steps that I should take before handing in my products?
What if one of my products does not have a barcode?
Are there thermometers in your warehouses?
How are the products being stored? How is the area measured?
Does your warehouse require a certain size? What is it?
Is the Between warehouse permitted by the Saudi food and drug authority?
How long after receiving the order does Between need to prepare and ship it?
Is there a duration for storing my products in the warehouse?

Preparing your products

Does Between use a safe method of handling fragile products?
I have products in Between warehouses, but I do not have packing boxes. Does Between provide this service?
Can I rely on Between to provide packaging for my products?
My clients have special requests for the products they request. Does Between meet these requests?

Shipping your products

Does Between offer door-to-door service?
Does Between allow choosing a preferred shipping company?
Does Between insure my products once it's shipped?
Does Between offer return and exchange services?
Does Between have worldwide shipping?
How long does Between need to deliver my products?
Does Between offer COD to customers?
What are the shipping companies that Between works with?
Does Between offer custom release services for my products?

Manage your platform and inventory

How can I with Between manage inventory for my products?
Can I add new products to the inventory management system?
Can I track my products’ shipment?
Does Between' system clarify all my products’ transactions?
Can Between link my store to other online stores?


How can I contact you?