Importer’s & Distributor’s
If you are an Importer or Distributor and managing your warehouse has become a burden on you, Between is the perfect solution!The strongest challenges faced by importers and traders in the Kingdom are the problems of shortage of stock and inventory quantities - annual labor costs and salaries - annual warehouse costs and not benefiting from them in full throughout the year.
Storage capacity
square meter
Between your logistics partner in your trade to manage your inventory at the lowest fixed costs to you as a trader
Advantages of
contracting with us
Providing a smart online inventory management system for each customer and their inventory.
We provide our services with the highest specifications, quality and professionalism
ISO certified
- Food Safety Management System / ISO 22000
- Quality Management System / ISO 9001
Ensure and pay attention to the expiry dates when disbursing the old stock and then the new one.
Speed ​​in receiving and delivery
Delivery to your customers (warehouses - supermarkets - commercial centers ... etc.)
Your journey with us in importer’s & distributor’s starts here
Receipt of products
The customer alerts Between in advance that there is new stock that will be delivered to Between by their supplier or any party through the Inventory management system of Between that the company provides to the customer so that the customer’s data is matched with the quantities received and added to the customer’s stock within a period not exceeding 24 hour.
Storage of Products
The Between team sorts the products and divides them according to their sizes and sections to be stored in the appropriate section, taking into account the appropriate temperatures for each product, the type of item and the expiry date.
Add stock quantities
Inventory quantities are added to each online customer's smart dashboard which Between provides to the customer.
Outbound orders
Here between needs the person who’s incharge for the customer daily outbound orders and activities to update (between) team with their daily needs throughout the portal which is provided by (between) to fulfil their requirement outbound such (quantity and sku..) and to who it should be handover as well (between team) will get those items ready to dispatch as per customer request with their own drivers or 3pl companies.
Shipping and delivery
Between gives the customer the option of delivery to (markets - commercial centers - warehouses..etc) via reliable shipping companies.
Cycle count
The stock management system provided by the company allows the customer to take stock and check the quantities of stock available in our warehouses directly over 24 hours.